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I think I broke Harry Potter


So it’s 3AM and It’s just occurred to me that the most telling scene in the entire Harry Potter franchise is the scene following the announcement of the participants of the Triwizard tournament.

When Harry’s name is pulled out of the cup, literally one of the first things he…

Clay Idols: Persona and growth in The Afghan Whigs' Do To the Beast


In 2012, the Afghan Whigs, Rick McCollum, John Curley, and Greg Dulli, reunited after 14 years away to enormous success. They played a series of shows to packed houses and glowing reviews. Frontman Greg Dulli looked like this in 2011. He sang with shot vocal cords on that year’s Dynamite…

"I dunno, just laying face down on the couch and waiting for some baby boomers to die, I guess"

- Millennials, when asked about plans for the future (via alwaysfaithfulterriblelizard)

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thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

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Art by FFO

Much dissection. Such Hannibal. Wow.



"It always amuses me that the biggest praise for my work comes for the imagination, while the truth is that there’s not a single line in all my work that does not have a basis in reality. The problem is that Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.”
Gabriel García Márquez from The Art of Fiction No. 69, The Paris Review


Chris Koehler



Shit just got real.

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Daniel Stepanek



Game of Cats

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hang on, wait a second

i’m not ashamed to be a man but I sure am embarrassed because of all the men who should be ashamed

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The American collegiate system in one gif set

it hurts

the saddest part is that this isn’t even really a joke

reblogging yet again because this will probably always be my life.

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